Japan won the Amateur Golf World Cup 2016



Noumea – June 1st, 2016 – Looking back on the tournament with hindsight, we can only remark on the superb success of the AGWC, Amateur Golf World Cup, held for the first time in New Caledonia at the Exclusiv Deva Golf course.  Open to all amateurs, the masterful organization and promotion by Le Club Golf network, who worked closely with the Exclusiv Deva Golf team, achieved a professional outcome.

No less than 24,000 players vied in the qualifications which took place over more than 300 tournaments organized throughout 10 countries, for a coveted place and all expenses paid trip to stay (travel, hotel and equipment) in New Caledonia.  The 20 finalists, 6 women and 14 men, competed over several days at the Exclusiv Deva Golf course. The amateur players, with average indexes of 5.5 in A-grade and 17 in B-grade, discovered the new Dye-designed course, the first South Pacific course signed by the American golf architect.  The winning team was Japan and its two players.

As the host country, New Caledonia also organized its own qualifications on the three Le Club Golf network courses: Dumbea, Tina and of course, Deva.  The qualifying team, Emilie Ricaud, 14 years old from Dumbea and Stanley Tuulaki from Deva, achieved outstanding scores, paving the way for New Caledonia to take 2nd place on the podium and demonstrating a good amateur level for New Caledonia.

Of special note, Stanley Tuulaki took up golf only 1 year ago after having worked on the construction of the course. His passion for the sport was born at that time and it transformed into an extraordinary and previously untapped talent.

The final results after the 3 day event were as follows:

  1. Japan (winner)
  2. New Caledonia
  3. France
  4. Mexico
  5. Australia
  6. Spain
  7. Sweden
  8. United States
  9. New Zealand
  10. Italy

All the players and members of the Le Club Golf network highlighted the smooth international-level organization of the competition, which augers well for opportunities for future international tournaments at the Exclusiv Deva Golf course at the Sheraton Deva resort.

All of the golfing participants were also able to discover New Caledonia during their trip and were delighted at the welcome they received as well as with the golf course and their accommodation for the week.  The atmosphere that prevailed during their stay was exceptional, encouraging exchanges and fostering friendships amongst players from all countries.

Golf has become a communication tool and a universal language. The passion that drives all the players allowed them to communicate easily regardless of their language, highlighting the values ​​of the sport and of sport in general, namely respect, fair play, friendliness, without forgetting the competitive spirit and desire to excel.

Several pecialized international media also participated in the competition as a part of the tournament was organized for them. The winner of this competition was Michael Green, a journalist from Australia.

Each media representative is now committed to produce at least 4 articles on this event.

This tournament will thus have generated and will continue to generate new media coverage for New Caledonia across the world in the coming weeks therefore helping to increase awareness of the destination.

Leading up to the tournament, worldwide promotion inviting participation in the qualifications touched more than one million golfers via their respective clubs in 10 countries.

The second edition of The Amateur Golf World Cup will be held in Spain in November 2017 in Cadiz with 6 new countries joining in this next edition. New Caledonia will again participate in this global event and will be selecting two representatives via local qualifying tournaments.

The aim of this tournament is to become the largest amateur golf tournament in the world with an objective of reaching 36 participating countries and increasing to 130 000 players in 2020.

The organizing team of this New Caledonian edition warmly thank the sponsors and partners who contributed largely to the success of this first edition:

New Caledonia Tourism, Aircalin, Oscar Jacobson, Srixon, Gree, RRB, Maison de l’incendie, Fisher & Paykel.


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